Misspelt Adventures

I have noticed that when I look online using a search engine for what I am after that so often I end up at places I never dreamed off all just because I made a spelling error  in one of the words I was using. Often I find amazing information or a wonderful community to learn from.

Making spelling mistakes has often changed the direction that I looked for information from. A whole new world of possibilities emerged instead of the usual websites that always come up for particular topics, instead I was faced with a number of other alternatives that helped feed my soul and thirst for knowledge.

This got me thinking… how many other people must search for a topic of their choosing and make a spelling mistake that ultimately takes them to a place they had not anticipated. When this has happened to you did you discover a hidden jewel? Where you transported to a unusual website full of worthwhile information?

I started wondering, how people found their way to naturallythere4you. We are a community all about reiki and new age topics, so I decided to search using misspellings of words I frequently find around the site.

It was amazing how many different ways REIKI for instance could be written, Reki, Reiki, Rieky, Reikki, Raiki where among the most common ways this word could be misspelt, but others included Rykie, Reikie, RayKey, and RaiKey. I would never have thought that spelling Reiki these ways would be common, but I guess after checking our Stats pages and seeing just how many people come to our website after having searched for these words it is more common than not. Other words I notice that people constantly write wrong are symbols spelt smybols, sybmols, or simbols, ‘Healing’ as heeling and ‘Aromatherapy’ as aromatheraphy, aromatehraphy.

Regardless of what way it is spelt, correctly or not! You will always usually find fun and informative information about your Reiki or new age subject here at www.naturallythere4you.com

Enjoy people, and next time you make a spelling mistake don’t be so quick to correct it.  Spend some time checking out the sites the search engine gives you, after all you may find that hidden gem among the stones!

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