Reiki Principles

Reiki Principles written in Japanese

Reiki Principles

Just for Today, do not Worry.

Just for Today, do not Anger.

Just for Today, Earn your living Honestly.

Just for Today, show Gratitude to every living thing.

Just for Today, Honour your parents, teachers and Elders.

Affirmation to help uphold the Reiki Principals

I am grateful,
I do not worry,
I have no anger,
I am an honest person,
I respect and honour every living thing,
I spread the light and share the joy,
I give love freely.

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What are the Reiki Principles?

The Reiki Principles are a set of guidelines that Dr Usui developed to help people stay focused on the here and now in order to grow and change. All Reiki Practitioners and Masters alike aspire to integrate these ideals into their daily life and practice of Reiki. Even though Dr Usui developed these over 100 years ago, they are as relevant today as when they were first written.

These principles may vary slightly according to each Reiki Master, as the wording has been translated in slight variations at times, but essentially they all are the same at their core. The focus of each priniple is to make small but positive changes in our daily attitude towards certian aspects of life.

The principles are a wonderful guide for anyone, even for those who are not attuned to Reiki to live by, for if we all strived to achieve the ideals Usui put forward the world would be a much happier, healthier and enriching place.

What does Just for Today, Do not Worry mean?

Just for today, do not worry is used to remind us that there is a divine purpose for everything. Often we spend so much time worrying about what could happen that we restrict ourselves and place limitations on what can be done, acihieved and envisaged. However through the practice of focusing on not worrying we are able to remove any blockages and open ourselves up to divine opportunities. Taoist sages declare that ‘any event in itself is neither good nor bad, it simply is’. Worrying also uses energy that could be used for more positive things, By worrying we do not bring change to a situation, we simply stunt the flow of energy and waste it.

Dr. Usui in this principle was reminding people of the importance of trust. We live in a responsive universe and as long as we are clear as to what we want, our needs will be met. It is important to simply trust that things will work out for the best in the end. What is beyond our control cannot be changed and squandering copious amount of our energy on worrying, may only serve to diminish our vitality and cloud our perception.

What does Just for Today, Do Not Anger mean?

Just for today, do not anger is used to remind us that when a situation does not live up to our expectations, we must choose a different response than that of anger. Anger is a destructive emotion when expressed inappropriately. Anger can also be a powerful motivator for change, provided it is possible to become consciously aware of your reactions and take charge of your emotions. It would be inappropriate to feel guilt if anger arises as it is a natural reaction to have, as long as it does not lead us into becoming judgmental which is not helpful to anyone. Anger creates disharmony within the body. Dr. Usui was not asking people to deny their feelings. Instead he was asking them to respond with love.

What does Earn Your Living Honestly mean?

To earn your living honestly means to be honest in your dealings with yourself and others. It is aid that a sage was once asked to explain how it was possible to gauge how prosperous a person was. He thought deeply about this and then replied that the measure of how prosperous a person was, depended upon the amount of peace they could carry in their heart. When a person earned their living honestly, they are not only being honest with others, they are being honest with themselves. They trust in their own abilities to create the abundance they need, to provide for themselves and their families. Such persons would indeed carry more peace in their hearts and would be immeasurably well-off.

Dr. Usui, in creating this principle was aware that dishonesty was a heavy burden to carry and that individuals could align themselves more fully with their life’s purpose and their creativity, if they were to earn their living honestly..

What does Show Gratitude to Every Living Thing mean ?

Show gratitude to every living thing means we should embrace gratitude as it allows us to open to the fruits of the universe and create a conscious awareness that magnetically attracts abundance and repels lack. There is a well known universal principle that ‘like attracts like’.

Dr. Usui knew that feeling and showing gratitude could enable people to bring success, prosperity and happiness into their lives.

What does Honour Your Parents, Teachers and Elders mean?

Honour and Respect your parents, teachers and elders means show love and respect for other people in all that you do and can be extended to every living thing. All living things are interdependent. Man’s inhumanities to his fellow man and to the environment have caused many humanitarian and ecological problems. In order for the planet as a whole to survive, it has become apparent that we must change.

Dr. Usui appreciated that the growth of everything in the universe and the survival of man both depended on loving actions, respect for one another and all living things. He understood that the best way to achieve love and respect for all was to have us focus on our loved ones and those close to us and in time this would resonate out into the wider universe. Taking positive action and responding sensitively with love, warmth and compassion towards our parents, our teachers and our elders and subsequently everyone you encounter from now on, will assist in making the world a place of reduced suffering and increases peace and harmony for all.

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