Reiki and Children

Can children be attuned to reiki?

Yes children can be attuned to reiki. In fact children are often very receptive to healing and energy work.

What is the right age for a child to be attuned?

There are a lot of different responses often given to this question, by various people involved in reiki . It is however each parents right to decide what is and is not appropriate for their child at any given time and age.

What can I do to get my child to be interested in reiki?

As you, your partner move through your life using Reiki your children will grow with it, by using reiki with every opportunity they will soon learn when to use it and the ways in which you use it. Talk about reiki with them answer their questions and share the reiki principles with your children. Because Reiki is an important part of your daily life and family life they too may grow to accept it as a normal part of their journey.

Do my children need to work with the reiki principles?

The reiki principles are simple measures that we can all aspire to. Teaching our children from a young age ‘just for today, to not worry’ or ‘just for today, do not anger’ teaches them life enhancing ways to deal with things such as stressful situations and situations they have no control over. Teaching them to honour their parents, teachers and elders allow them to respect others. The reiki principles can help build peace loving and balanced individuals.

Can my child really benefit from reiki?

It today’s society even children are faced with pressures and stressful situations that often as children we did not come across. Each generation is increasingly being handed a more stressful environment to live in and less opportunity for relaxation, leisure time and personal space.

Reiki can bring things such as harmony, balance, wellbeing, relaxation, strength, opportunity and healing to your child and their life. It can provide them with an alternative way to deal with stressful situations, sickness, fear, upset and disharmony, among other things

Reiki only works for the good of all, so can not harm your child in anyway.

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