How do I know if Reiki is right for me?

Reiki is a natural form of healing that allows the attuned person to heal themselves or others by channelling the universal life force energy through themselves and pass this energy on to self heal or heal others.

Reiki can be used to help heal oneself or others in need. It does not require any special talent or magical formula; instead the person who wishes to channel the universal life force energy only needs to be attuned by a Reiki Master or Reiki Master Teacher in order to open up the pathway to healing. It is not religious based and can be practiced by anyone who chooses to be attuned to the energy.

There are various levels of reiki and depending on the exact type of reiki you choose to learn more about, or be attuned to, will depend on how many levels you may have to gain knowledge of if you wish to be able to teach and attune others in the future.

For most people who are only interested in healing themselves, family members and others. All that is usually required are reiki levels one and two. These two levels provide you with the tools and required information in order for you to perform hands on and distance healing giving you the ability to channel the reiki energy and assist in the healing of yourself or others, whether or not they are present with you or not. Distance healing gives you the added advantage of being able to send the universal energy over distances to others in a different place, country, time and space.

In deciding if Reiki is for you it is important to understand that Reiki however can be used for so much more than just healing yourself or loved ones. In fact reiki can be used for the higher good of the universe, mother earth, a particular community or event. It can be given to plants, animals and also used with food. The universal energy is all around us.

Being attuned to reiki opens up endless opportunities for those who have chosen to channel this beautiful energy, and if you choose to progress through the various stages or ‘levels’ of reiki as they are commonly referred to, you will be given the tools to tap into this wonderful energy and be shown how to use it in more creative ways. You can choose to purely use reiki energy when you need healing or incorporate the energy and the 5 reiki principles into your daily life, bringing greater balance and harmony to you and the world around you.

When deciding if reiki can assist you on your life’s path it is important to know that once you are attuned to reiki it is with you for life, so there is no going back. Once attuned, you will always be attuned. Also reiki only works for the higher good of those who are receiving the healing. It flows to where it is needed most and does not deplete the energy of the person giving the healing. Therefore Reiki will do no harm. However reiki is not a substitute for medical treatment. It is a complimentary therapy that should be used alongside other medical methods of treatment when dealing with things such as illnesses and disease.

Being attuned to reiki and using it in your life can truly make a wonderful difference to your world if you embrace it.

So you think Reiki is for you and want to know more without having to pay to be attuned? Then to learn more about reiki and be attuned for free please fill in our Free Reiki Level I Application Form. This will enrol you into our free course and provide you with the tools and knowledge to perform self healing or hands on healing of others.

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