Healing Room

The Reiki and Energy Healing Room

May the universal energy surround and heal you.

Reiki is something that we believe should be available to all who seek it, that is why we have a Healing Room where individuals can request reiki for themselves and others.

The Reiki & Energy Healing Room is part of our forums. All requests receive replies from our reiki masters and practitioners who man the room.

To place a request please register as a member on our Site and then add your request to our Healing Room. Alternatively if you are a Reiki Practitioner or Master please add your response so that our members know that reiki is being sent.

The Reiki Conversations forum is a place for you to discuss all issues relating to Reiki. It is an informative and happy place that strives to answer all questions and queries. We therefore invite you to register on our Site and join in the discussions we have. Wether you are new to reiki or already know much about it we are sure you will enjoy Reiki Conversations.

Our membership is free, so if you are interested please sign up and become an active member!

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