Guidelines for free Attunements

Simple Rules for Requesting Free Lessons and Attunements
It is important to note that our Free attunements are just that 100% free, no money changes hands. We encourage our members to share and join in and discuss their experiences with us and each other in our forums as we are always happy to help where we can. A minimum of 25 posts is required before you will be given access to the Free Lessons and Attunement.

Our forums can be found at Naturallythere4you Forums. Membership is free but registration is required.

We may at anytime remove the offer for free attunement.

Please Note: that we are under no obligation to attune everyone who requests a free attunement and in some instances we may choose not to conduct a particular request (due to various reasons) for attunement.

We hope that you will share and enjoy what we have to offer.

Even though we give our attunements freely here at Naturallythere4you, there are some certain things that need to be done before anyone receives an attunement from us.

Please ensure you have completed the following: This includes ALL of these four things.

#1….. You need to register and be a member of our site and post a minimum of 25 posts around our forums. This should be easy as we have alot of topics such as “how did you find Nat?”, “How did you get your username?” etc.

#2….. You need to fill in our enrolment form if you are interested in participating in our course (We do NOT acknowledge forum postings requesting we provide free Lessons and Attunments). This form can be filled out once you have posted the minimum of 25 posts on our forums. When you have met the minimum post count, fill in the application form and we will be happy to give you access to the free lessons and attunements, provided you have completed the other requirements below also.

#3….. Go to the introductions forum and tell us a little about yourself, your experience with reiki and why you are interested as it helps us to get to know you.

#4….. You need to forward a photograph of yourself (either via email or snail mail). This photograph will be used when your attunement is organised to send you the symbols required.

We look forward to you participating in our Site and forums, so don’t be shy, please be interactive in our community and then fill out our enrolment form!.

Yours in love and light,

Naturallythere4you Reiki Master / Teachers.

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