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Naturallythere4you has been providing free reiki level one lessons to a global community since December 2001.

We are a small but dedicated team of individuals, who wish to spread reiki healing around the world in order to help others heal themselves, others and the world around them.

To Register your interest in learning Reiki Level I with us please read the below and follow the instructions carefully as they explain what is required from you and what you should do in order to ensure you meet the few requirements we have for receiving our Reiki Level One free lessons and Attunements.

You need to read the read the following pages carefully

Guidelines for free Attunements
Free Reiki Questions & Answers

You also need to register on our forums and join in our community, introduce yourself in our introductions forum and ensure you have made a minimum of 25 forum posts to be eligable to apply for the free reiki. Once you have done this please go to our Free Reiki Level I Application Form and fill it in with your details

All submissions to study with us will be acknowledged and we endeavour to respond to all applications within 7 working days.

When your submission is processed you will be contacted by one of our masters to inform you of how to access the free lessons and attunement. Our Teaching rooms are within the forums (viewable only once access is granted). The links to these will be sent to you one access is granted.

Reiki Level I is a self paced course and you are offered support continuously through our forums from both our highly trained Masters and Practitioners.

If you have any difficulty with this form, Free Reiki Level I Application Form please email:

The Naturallythere4you SupportTeam

Here’s looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Please note: We do not sell or give others your personal information.

Now a little about our Free Reiki Level One Course

100% Free ~ Reiki Level I ~ Reiki Self treatment and hands on healing ~ Lessons and Attunement

Prerequisite: NIL

Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is Japanese for Universal Life Force or Universal Energy. Usui Reiki is a powerful yet very gentle healing energy that can be used by anyone of any religion, culture or belief. Reiki only works for the Good in any and all situations.

When you are attuned to Usui Reiki level I, you will become a channel to this energy and be able to use it to self heal and to use hand on healing with others around you.

The beauty of this healing modality is that once you are attuned, you will always be attuned and able to channel the energy.


To request your free Lessons and attunement please fill in our Free Reiki Level I Application Form

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