anyone have experience giving reiki to cats or dogs

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anyone have experience giving reiki to cats or dogs

Postby Beeholtz » Sun May 24, 2009 9:06 pm

i have a cat named fido (named by my old roommate) and i have had a black lab dog for many years and i was just wondering if anyone has experience giving energy to pets. maybe ill try my reef tank and fish too one of them was killed last night because he knocked off a rock and it fell on him. not cool. but i am interested to see if i could help my corals see what happens. ive always loved animals, im not peta but i love most animals that wont try to kill you first chance they get. thanks for any info or help

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Re: anyone have experience giving reiki to cats or dogs

Postby BelieveinUnicorns » Mon May 25, 2009 1:28 pm

cats and dogs are easy to give reiki to as they will sit still long enough to receive it OR get up and leave when they have had enough.
Some like it others don't depends on the animal.

Animals that you can't hold ie fish are a little more difficult but you could reiki the tank or individual fish if you can hold them. I know someone who puts them in a container alone.

There are books with hand positions but I find they (animals) prefer to move and have you touch where they want. I also think that in many ways they are smarter and know that Reiki flows where its most needed.
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