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Flying Stars

Postby Sweet Melodies » Mon Jul 07, 2003 11:06 am

Flying Star Locations for 2003:

For every Chinese New Year, there are 9 annual stars which keep on changing for every year, bring good as well as bad energy.
In the flying star theory, it is said that there are two worst stars falling every year to some particular directions which keep on changing to various directions, as the year changes.

The 2 worst stars are
#5 (yellow)
#2 (black)

For the year 2003:

South- East #5:
The 5 yellow this year is located in the south-east direction, is an annual visiting star and changes every Chinese New Year. The 5 yellow is the worst star, it causes sickness, problems with the mouth, sore throats etc, bankruptcy, legal problems, car accidents, accidents involving metal and just an overall feeling of bad luck. This one is really bad, as the year goes on it gets stronger.

North #2:
The 2 black is residing in the north direction, is the second worst star and will cause sickness, stomach problems, extreme bad luck, legal problems arguments and if it is in your bedroom or main doors as the year goes on you will generally feel run down, loss of wealth, bankruptcy or just overall bad luck.

Unfortunately every home and office have these two bad stars in the south-east and north of their property. Having found the locations of those two worst stars, we need to reduce their bad effect by adding more metal objects in those places.
Metals are best cures for us to get rid of the problems caused by those two stars.
For this year 2003, we should not activate the following directions with water:
1. South-West
2. North
3. South-East
However, we can enhance with water in the following directions for 2003:
North West

South #1:
This year 2003, a lucky star #1 is residing in South. So inorder to enhance the lucky star we are advised to keep lot of metal objects in the south area.

South-West #3:
The quarrelsome star #3 has flown to south west for this year and this star #3 is responsible for hostility, misunderstanding and legal entanglements. Inorder to please this evil star, you are recommended to keep powerful metal objects(I mean your favourite God made of metal)

East #4:
Star 4 is residing in the east, is a relationship star. To enhance family harmony, it is advised to keep potted plants or hand-made Jade trees.

North-West #7:
To enhance this area we can keep crystals, porcelains or any other earth objects.

West #8:
An auspicious star is residing in the west for this year. It can be enhanced with fire objects or colors like red, pink.

North-East #9:
This area can be enhanced with wood or colors like green, brown etc.

Flying Stars Document
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