Landscape FengShui. Lesson 7

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Landscape FengShui. Lesson 7

Postby Sweet Melodies » Wed May 21, 2003 12:16 am

[color=blue] Landscapes:
The four symbolic animal principle can be applied to analyzing a landscape, a site, a house, a building, an office and rooms.

For a Good landscape as per fengshui, the following rules has be satisfied:

1. The East (dragon) part of the landscape should be higher than the west.
2.A site should not end at a ‘Y’ or ‘V’ shaped junction.
3.Avoid a site at the ‘Dead-End’ or ‘Cul-de-sac’ as chi will be stagnating there & therefore brings bad luck.
4.Site near bridges, flyovers should not be purchased.
5.A plot facing ‘T’ junction is also bad.
6.Avoid irregular shaped plots because certain Enrichment Areas will be diminished or missing completely.

To conclude avoid buying anything that is irregular Whether it is a plot, building, house or a room etc.

Main door is given much importance in FengShui and hence it :

Should not face the rear door.
Should not face a blank wall or staircase.
Should not face a bedroom,kitchen or toilet.

Eliminating corners,passages,narrow corridors,dark places, poor drainages, gloomy colors and clutters makes you to get the best benefit of fengshui.


The spiritual dimension of fengshui is more important than the physical and materialistic.A lot of fengshui is actually an “ intuitive workâ€
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