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Regarding Kua Number

Postby Sweet Melodies » Tue May 20, 2003 9:33 am

Dear All,

I want to make a point clear regarding Kua No.
Kua No is calculated considering the exact date of birth.
We all know that Kua No is based on the Chinese Calendar.
Chinese New Year usually starts around Feb 4 of the English Calendar.

So, a person born before Feb 4 of the English Calendar has to be cautious in finding their exact Kua No.
It is advised, people born before Feb 4 (or before begining of the Chinese New Year) has to take the previous English Year for finding their Kua Number.


Assuming a person is born on 14.01.2003

This birthday falls before Feb 4 ( or before begining of Chinese New Year for 2003.)

so , the Kua Number is calculated for the year 2002.

Pl note: The formula for calculating Kua No for people who are born on Feb 4 2000 or after that, is different.Soon, I will give that.
Kavitha Praveen
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