The 8 Enrichments & Remedies. Lesson 6

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The 8 Enrichments & Remedies. Lesson 6

Postby Sweet Melodies » Mon May 19, 2003 2:19 pm

The Eight Enrichments:

There are 8 enrichments in FS. They are Family, Wealth, Fame, Relationship,Children,Helpful people, Career and Knowledge.
Using a Pa kua we can find the direction of enrichments and thus we can enhance those areas to improve our luck.
With the help of the later Pa Kua or Ba- Gua we can not only find the direction but also the correspnding element, colors, planets,season and the family members. This chart is easily available in the market.


With the help of the Ba-gua, first find the main door direction then you can easily find the rest of the directions & those corresponding to that. Some of the remedies for the enrichments are given below.


There are few remedies to help you to create balance in your house ,if you find your house is having too yin or too yang energies.
Some of the remedies used are sound ,light, colour, plants, statues etc.

Houses that are too Yin.

Houses and buildings built near graveyards, hospitals, police stations, church etc. are considered to be too yin because such places are associated with the yin energies of death.


· If it is possible, try to orient your main door so that it faces away from the yin structure or the building.
· Paint your door with a bright red to signify strong , powerful yang energy.
· Make sure your porch is always well lit. Keep the lights turned on all the time.
· Put garden lights all round the house.

For Rooms:

Rooms that never see sunlight, decorated in only shades of grey and blue, rooms which have been occupied for a long time who has been chronically sick, are said to have too much yin energy . Hence it causes sickness and bad luck to the residents. So you have to introduce yang energy inorder to create balance.


· Repaint the walls with bright colours e.g. white, pink, yellow etc.
· Keep the lights always lit.
· Throw away draping curtains and things that are not going to be used.
· Use bright colours for your bed sheets and other soft furnishings.
· Sound, life and laughter brings yang energy in to your house, so
Introduce movement with mobiles and wind chimes. Try to grow indoor plants and if possible you can have an aquarium with beautiful fishes. All these brings Life(Yang) energy in to your house..

Houses that are too Yang.

Buildings that are constantly exposed to bright sunlight or heat of any kind are said to have an excess of yang energy, which may be responsible for misfortunes , disasters etc.

Remedies for too much of yang energy:

Water is one of the best cures for too much yang energy;
Creating a small pond of water in the garden will effectively counter the yang energy.
PL note: Do not put fishes inside the pond as the living fishes will produce Yang energy.

· You can Paint your door in any of the yang colours e.g. blue.
· Avoid too much of lights that are continuously lit.
· Avoid too much noise in the house.
· Hang paintings of lakes and rivers in your home but do not keep a very big picture of waterfalls. .
· Paint railings and gates in black .


A house or office is supposed to have a proper balance in both of the elements (yin and yang) inorder to achieve some of the possible aspects of our life. Too much of yin or too much of yang will surely produce bad effects. To live harmoniously you should always try to create balance ( between yin & yang ,all the 5 elements….).
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