How to calculate Kua No. Lesson 5

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How to calculate Kua No. Lesson 5

Postby Sweet Melodies » Sun May 18, 2003 5:56 pm

How To Calculate Your Kua Number :

Kua Nos are determined by the year of your birth(according to the Chinese Calendar) and your sex.

To calculate your Kua number use this simple formula.

For Males:
Take the last two numbers of the Chinese Year of your birth and add them together. Reduce them down to a single digit. Then, subtract it from 10.The number which you get is the Kua No for males.
Year of birth : 1973
Add last 2 digit : 7+3 =10
Add again the 2 digits ,so that you will get a single digit.
1+0 = 1
Then, subtract that number from 10
10 - 1 =9
So, 9 is the Kua No.

For Females :

Take the last two numbers of the Chinese Year of your birth and add them together. Reduce them down to a single digit. Then, add 5 to get the Kua Number.

Year of Birth :1973
Add 7+3 =10
Again add 1+0=1
To get kua no:Add 5 to it
5 + 1 = 6
So, 6 is the Kua No .

Your Group:
If your Kua No is 1,3,4 or 9 then you belong to the East group.If your Kua No is 2,6,7 and 8 then you belong to West Group.
Pl note : Kua No 5 is not there in FS, if you happen to arrive at this Kua Number then,
For Males - Refer to Kua No 2
For Females - Refer to Kua No 8

The Four Best Directions(Auspicious Directions):
Each Kua number attracts a different kind of prosperity. Feng Shui masters recommend that you work, sit or sleep with your head pointed in your Sheng Chi (Success) Direction.

Kua No-----------> A----------->B----------->C------------->D

5 Male------------>NE----------->W---------->N------------>SW
5 Female-------->SW----------->NW---------->W----------->NE

A = Excellent or Success
B = Health
C = Relationship
D = personal development

The Four Worst Directions(Inauspicious Directions)
FS masters say that working, sitting or sleeping in any of your inauspicious directions can only create problems in your life.

Kua No------>Unlucky----->Five Ghosts----->6 Killing----->Total Loss

5 Male------->E--------------->SE-------------->S------------->N
5 Female---->S--------------->N--------------->E------------->SE

After you find your Kua No, check for the auspicious directions and inauspicious directions.Thus,Using them you can bring positive results in your life.
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