Kua Number. Lesson 4

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Kua Number. Lesson 4

Postby Sweet Melodies » Sat May 17, 2003 11:47 am

Kua Number

Every Individual is aligned to a specific number which is called the Kua Number.The Kua Number will tell You what is your best direction,your element and group to which You belong.The Kua Number is calculated from your date of birth.All that one should do is to have a chinese calendar.
The chinese calendar is different compared with the English Calendar with which we are all familiar.All personal aspects like Element,Group and Kua Number is derived from the chinese calendar for application of FengShui.

Chinese believe that there are 3 kinds of luck.
1.The luck that you make for yourself : Personal Luck(Ren Cai or Rechi)
2.The luck due to birth : Heaven’s Luck(Tian Cai)
3.The luck that comes to you from your envoirnment : Earth Luck(Di Cai)
FengShui is all about improving one’s Earth Luck.

To enhance your luck to the best advantage by using FengShui,you should have to know your Kua Number & Animal Sign.
Kavitha Praveen
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