FengShui Schools. Lesson 3

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FengShui Schools. Lesson 3

Postby Sweet Melodies » Fri May 16, 2003 8:20 am

FengShui Schools :

Basically there are two schools in FengShui called Form School and Compass School.Several other advanced schools have come up like Flying star FengShui,Black Hat Sec etc..

Form School:
In the form school fengshui, You will learn about the shape and structure of your house as well as its furnishings.

Compass School:
You will learn about a traditional fengshui compass called Lo Pan, is used to find the 8 directions in your house and thereby it helps to determine whether a house suits for you.The Compass also helps to find the Auspicious and Inauspicious directions.

Celestial Animals :

There are four celestial animals.

Turtle-------------->North-------------->Black or Blue

These 4 celestial animals are used both in Form School fengshui & Compass School.In the form school,they are used without considering their directions.In compass school ,they are used along with their corresponding directions.


Pa Kua(also referred as BAGUA) is the most dynamic symbol which shows the interaction of Yin and Yang and the five elements which sustain the universe.The Pa Kua,used in conjunction with eight special symbols(known as Trigrams),is a common diagnostic tool in the Compass School of FengShui and is used to determine which area of a plot,house or room needs attention to improve the flow of Chi.

The Eight Trigrams :
The Trigrams are combinations of broken & unbroken lines.
The Yang or the Male form of energy is represented by 3 unbroken lines.The Yin or the female part of the energy is represented by 3 broken lines.The interaction of Yin & Yang gives raise to several combination which represents the various directions,the elements,members of a family,the numbers 1 to 9 & so on.The Trigrams can be superimposed upon each other, and in this way 8 * 8 = 64 hexagrams are obtained.These 64 hexagrams provide the essential text of the chinese oracle- book.
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