Yin,Yang & Chi. Lesson 2

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Yin,Yang & Chi. Lesson 2

Postby Sweet Melodies » Thu May 15, 2003 7:15 pm

Introduction to Yin & Yang

Chinese believe that creation can take place only if two forces which are of different characteristics interact.The entire Philosophy of FengShui is based on the concept of Yin and Yang.They are the two opposing forces active in the universe.Yin is said to exist in Yang and Yang exists in Yin.

Few Examples for Yin & Yang:

Moon,Earth,dark,negative,soft,receptive,winter,cold ,even,North & West.

Yang (Male)
Sun,Heaven,bright,fiery,moving,powerful,active,summer,odd,South & East.

Importance of Chi:

Making Chi flow harmoniously is the essence of FengShui.Chi is dynamic force and its effects are different when it flows fast and when it flows slow.
It is believed that everything in this world is created by Chi,maintained by Chi,and destroyed by Chi.

ShengChi : The positive and protective form of Chi.

ShaChi : The negative form of Chi.

Dragon's Breath:

Chinese refers 'Chi' as the Dragon's breath,which is same as 'Prana' for Indians, & 'Reiki' for Japanese.
Chi should be available abundantly for absorption by human organisms for use.Hence,the starting point is to make sure plenty of ShengChi to enter the building by proper landscaping and positioning of the entry door.
Getting regular flow of Chi to the building and allowing that Chi to accumulate in the building are two factors which are of primary importance in FengShui.
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