Cho Ku Rei – The Power Symbol

Cho = Connect the

Ku = Power, Energy with
Rei = The Soul, The Universe, The Unity

Put in other words: ‘Let all the power of the Universe be here’ or ‘God is here’.

This is the symbol used to connect with the energy at the beginning of a session, and to increase power/energy where needed during a session.
Further it is used to empower anything you want, like your medicines, crystals, food and drinks, machines and tools you work with, etc. Cho Ku Rei increases the power of all other symbols you use. Another important use of this symbol is cleaning a space or clearing up negative energies, for instance in a bad situation. It can be used for protection of yourself or your properties, because the great amount of light you call in with Cho Ku Rei dispels or keeps away negativity. And it seals in light energy when drawn at the end of a healing.

Sometimes the Cho Ku Rei is drawn opposite with the spiral clockwise; this is a matter of preference. The symbol works with either way of drawing.


Authors Details: Anja Heij – Anja Heij is a graduated classical homoeopath, naturopath, reiki master and spiritual writer. Her Website is called www.

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