Am I Abnormal? Kids’ Concerns About ADHD

When I first started giving my ADHD medications at about age 7, I didn’t talk to him enough. He got really worried and asked, “Is something bad wrong with me?” That’s when I realized that because ADHD kids are unusually bright and perceptive in many ways, it’s important to sit down and talk about what’s going on.

My ADHD son was worried that he might have a brain tumor or something bad like that. I assured him that he had an illness, and that while something was different in his brain, it was not something “bad.” I explained what ADHD is and how it makes his brain function differently.

Because I have ADHD myself, I was able to explain that we have “different” brains and that he got his ADHD from me and that I turned out just fine and so will he.

Some ADHD kids, though not mine, worry about being “weird” or abnormal because of their ADHD. I assured my son that he’s a little different, but that’s a good thing.

The main thing is to find out what your ADHD child is concerned about and address that particular concern, whether it’s fear of a brain tumor or not wanting to take medication. The best way to talk to your ADHD child is just to ask what’s worrying her and discuss those things.

Angie Dixon is a writer and ADHD mom of an ADHD son, Jack. For a free report on helping your ADHD son, see Angie’s site “That’s My Son!” at

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